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Xi ‘an the ministry of commerce and industry of infinite

  The reporter learns from xian city industrial and commercial bureau, according to media reports of “young children su

spected by taking infinite products cause myocardial damage”, xi “an industrial and commercial

bureau for industry and commerce has instructed wild goose pagoda branch of infinite shaanxi branch whether the alleged false ad

vertising investigation;Instruct dealer in lantian county market supervision and administration of events FanLe whether the

alleged false propaganda to initiate an investigation.At present, the case is under further investigation.

  Recently, media reports of shaanxi shangluo city folk-land shu ping 3 year old daughter w

as diagnosed with “helicobacter pylori infection,” in a local guide teacher FanLe “infinite”, wit

h the recommendation of the daily doses of infinite variety of products, by hospitals after wait for disease diagnosis of myocardial damage, low blood sugar.

  January 17, xi “an industrial and commercial bureau immediately set up a special working

group organization management work conference, and in accordance with the requirements for shaanxi province market super

vision and administration of the relevant documents, check the event study arrangement

deployment.January 18, xi “an industrial and commercial bureau on the basis of verification screening, interview told meeting.Conf

erence, instruct the infinite pole shaanxi branch immediately to all sellers and related self-check behavior of market main body to

operate, and further provides all of the xi ‘an region branch detailed list associated market main body, form a report submitted to

the industrial and commercial bureau, xi ‘an infinite related companies involved in the incident investigation.

  Xi ‘an industrial and commercial bureau of infinite urge the wild goose pagoda of industry and commerce bureau of shaanxi br

anch whether the alleged false advertising investigation;Instruct dealer in lantian cou

nty market supervision and administration of events FanLe whether the alleged fa

lse propaganda to initiate an investigation.At present, the case is further investigated.

  The reporter understands, market supervision and administration of shaanxi provi

nce has an emergency deployment, demand across the city in shaanxi province to devel

op branches in infinite pole and associated verification of market main body, the screening work.

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Chen Yulin mother deny blackmail Agreem

  On January 19, 19, netease entertainment, Chen Yulin mother revealed to

the media: “Mr Super wu on October 8, 2018 reached an agreement with our daughter, wood there is no need to go to

blackmail him?As to why November 4th will ask mywood, believe that the net friend has its own judgment.”

  Agreement with the signature of the super wu Chen Yulin parents to the media e

xposure, photos, photo shows super wu and Chen Yulin (his real name is Chen M

englin) has signed an agreement on October 8, 2018.Chen Yulin parents said: “you can combine the time poi

nt to infer, and made a circle of friends on September 24th, October 8, signed it, but on November 5th to return home.”

  Microblogging certification for a lawyer, said the “day” wu articles Chen Yuli

n had consulted him, Chen Yulin had said to him, with the relationship between the

super wu eased, super wu’s lawyer, built a tripartite agreement, signed to wu to let her return to money.

  January 18, has displayed and super wu relationship under seven years of actress Chen

Yulin suddenly in a social account issued a long, originally this is Chen Yulin parents for daughters, they said in the

article, daughter after revealing and super wu’s extra-marital affairs, the man in the form of them privately,

and is willing to give a break-up fee, and hope the daughter don’t go broke, but then the man excuses but after only a

small part of the money paid to extort money “exposed” name of the police arrest her daughter, it has been 2 months,

if convicted or face shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years.

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40, jay Chou “small public election” people don’t collaps

  January 18 is jay’s birthday, the big boy accompany you have youth 40 years old this year!

  Friend liu geng hong, fan brother chun-kai wang is the first time on the blessings, fan

s are happy birthday to jay, thank him to accompany you with so many songs over the years.

  Since 2000, with the same name “Jay” official debut album, Jay Chou in the in t

he mind has been cool, drag drag, as time goes by, also gradually exposed the “small publ

ic election” side, lovely, naive and tsundere, spoil everyone said he was “very smelly fart”.

  The drag and tsundere set until now has never collapse.Recent j

ay not bask in Florence travel photos, after a lot of fans see idol to punch as a souvenir photo.

  Birthday, jay updated the individual social networking platform ins story, fans of the load of screenshots.

  It turned out to be the pictures of the fans in the imitation of Chou, jay Chou also very smelly

fart with his fans in the same place imitate him taking pictures, but they don’t know I was upstairs!

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Wu zun, recording shows domineering do kissing

  On January 19, netease entertainment reportsAccording to

Taiwan media reports, artist wu zun with a 72 – year –

old father take part in a variety of “the most beautiful time,” the latest content,

the wife li-ying Lin family meals at the

beach on vacation together and both parties, at the sight of my father-in-law, say there ha

s been a great pity in the heart, is not for the wife do a happy wedding, not only

promises will do, and kis

s his wife in front of the family, to prove their love from 16 to now, has not

changed for 23 years, let netizen, envy and jealousy: “what is the best man!”

  Wu zun on the show, where are asked and the wife first kiss, his shy like a Cheshire ca

t, just said is in a relative’s home, watching a movie while the wife turned

the moment a drive, but the picture was

hiding behind the sofa relatives all see that smile to say 2 weeks at that time two

people contacts, can not but want to kiss each other.

  Besides weren, li-ying Lin’s parents also specially, wu zun dad the truth has

been very grateful to the two in-laws, even if th

e son has no wedding give her parents a replacement, but it is very considerate

towards in-laws.Wu zun, who also s

aid, there is no wedding this matter, let him feel very uncomfortable,

commitment: “the wedding I sure will!Will do it very happy!”

  In order to let my father-in-law trust, wu zun public confession: “although

there is no wedding, she (my wife) also know how

much I love her!”More smile to say every points every second want to and wife

together, absolutely not deceive people, with

the wife put sweet smile, “you trust, I will take good care of them!”Let father-in-law praise for the son-in-law

, last wu zun, who is in front of the family, the wife over printed on a kiss, a

hug with practical action to prove their love how deep.

  In fact, wu zun 16 li-ying Lin and exchanges, the wife is his first love, two people qui

etly marry and have children, due to his idol group identity, admitted for RenFu

until 2013, don’t expose more fairly pro

tect wife, now he is 39 years old, love for the wife has not changed for 23 years,

“love the 16-year-old girl hand in hand for t

he first time, with 23 years fulfill a woman’s love fairy tale.”Let netizen quite

envy: “wu zun what is the best man!”

  This article source: netease entertainment editor: lee thought _NBJ11322

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CBA essence: shenzhen fujian 4 in a row, hit Shang

  Beijing time on 18 January, CBA season 33 rounds remaining games at the end of the entire

home-country crowd tonight, runner-up bayi narrowly in shenzhen, 103-115;Tianjin team

128-102 Shanghai, Shanghai eight consecutive defeat;Guangzhou, guangdong 131-131.Beijing guangsha of 120-120.

  Runner-up bayi narrowly lost to shenzhen, fujian 4 in a row, three consecutive victories in shenzhen

  Two teams meet at the runner-up bayi narrowly have suffered three defeats, but made it two wins shenzhen team, in the first q

uarter, the two teams play can say very close, the two sides has not been opened the score, the end of the first quarter runner-up bayi narrowly 22 than 23 in shenzhen, in the se

cond quarter, both teams can still strength gap is not big, two teams score close, after the

second quarter runner-up bayi narrowly 45 than 49 shenzhen team four points behind.

  Runner-up bayi narrowly and in the third section of the shenzhen team in the second half dozen i

s very fierce, the two teams in this section are 31 points in the competition, two teams score has n

ot been opened, small game runner-up bayi narrowly failed to pick up the slack, shenzhen team eventually won the runner-up bayi narrowly.

  Tianjin team win Shanghai team, Shanghai team encountered eight consecutive defeat

  Before the two teams met, tianjin team 2 in a row, while Shanghai is a losing streak 7, to sa

y the two teams have poor recent performance, in the first quarter, the tianjin team played

very well, single section scored 41 points, made of offense and defense are good, Shanghai team scored 26 points, only a quarter, tianjin te

am is very good, feel time section scored 34 points, through the Shanghai team’s status is still bad, with 28 points, halftime than 54, 75 tianjin 21 points.

  Third section in the second half competition, the Shanghai team play much worse, the tianjin team still maintained a lead,

this section the sharks just scored 20 points in the competition, tianjin team had 27 points, detai

ls, Shanghai team will not be able to catch up with the score, tianjin team 128-128 victory over the sharks, Shanghai team to swallow eight consecutive defeat.

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CBA chakra: 30 Hudson, the key of liaoning had 19 in

  CBA 30 round this evening, in the three games, three games at the end of

the inverse war won at home 96-94 in liaoning bayi ha

d 19 in a row, continue to refresh the team history records;Road construction

BeiKong, the only 125-77;Qingdao road 128-123 win over tianjin.

  Liaoning narrowly bayi, continue to refresh the team history longest winning streak record in the regular season

  Game, the game pg, plexus tomorrow positive three po

ints to help the team lead, but Raymond immediately respond points of three points, bayi hit after a wave of 8 to 0,

the score away some, hey ma beautiful two free throws to pull to double

digits.First section home-country crowd, bayi led 32-21.

  Second quarter, Cao Yan three points to help the team continue to expand the

score, brandon buss cic to closer to the single digits, un

der the guidance of bath, with a wave of 13-1, to equalise, end in the first half, bayi to 50-48 lead.

  Easy edge to fight again, Raymond and Tian Yuxiang three points score away again, liaoning

side is depend on personal ability to maintain the score of bath, three home-country crowd, bayi in 73-62 lead.

  Late game, both sides score knotted, Lester Hudson three points at the last minute to

equalise, Han Dejun exalted skyer surpassed the score.Tian Yuxiang board to equalise,

Hudson is a crucial moment has again hit a 3-pointer, 96-94 victory over liaoning bayi.

  Liaoning continue to refresh their longest winning streak record d

uring the season, state now they finally can break the bayi 34 winning streak record?Let’s wait and see!

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16 years, and he starred in a number of film and television

  16 years, and he starred in a number of film and television play, the treasure

girl named Wen Qi is how to become famous

  You like entertainment gossip friends, hello, small make up only a porter, for those who like me and like my friends articles to

carry, let every day you can see the latest information and the focus in the entertainment industry.More willing to put mys

elf to see the latest entertainment information to share with you, let everybody can see the latest information from s

mall make up here, also hope that the fans and like my frie

nds can point out mistakes and deficiencies in the comments for small make up, or is so

me like the content of the communication, small make up will try our best to meet all

written out to everyone to see.Today with the small make up take a lo

ok at: more than 16 years, and he starred in the film and television play, the

treasure girl named Wen Qi is how to become famous

  Treasure girl Wen Qi

  Child stars out is there are a lot like the stars of the better-known yishan zhang, Andy, little dr

agons, etc., these are child star out of a movie star who is famous the road t

o fame are relatively easy, within the entertainment stars are often netizens

evaluation, as recentl

y the showbiz child stars four small “by netizens, and the fou

r”, including: zifeng zhang, xiaotong guan, Zhang Xueying, as well as Wen Qi, th

is four arguably made his debut as a child, grew up in a n

umber of film and television play, is to let audiences, in in the eyes of the audience left a deep impress

ion, today will read as a child star four small actress Wen Q

i, this is called “treasure girl” by netizens Wen Qi is how to become famous.

  Treasure girl Wen Qi

  For many people in the age of 16 youth are at school age, when you are not in the school will p

lay mad everywhere, everywhere for a 16 years old young girl lif

e is such, but Wen Qi is different, now is only 16 years ol

d has appeared in a number of film and television play, Wen Qi, was born in 2003, was born in Taiwan in 2007, only 4 yea

rs old Wen Qi due in suzhou, with their own parents also ar

ranged by the parents to learn everywhere we go, don’t want to go to practice every day

after went home crying and practice course of art class, until the last under the channel of teachers and paren

ts to start serious training art course, after finish the homework is serious to contact art, only half a semester event

became the most outstanding children the best in the class, the teacher praised, also be more satisfied with their parents.

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Bulletproof by abnormal bastard tracking handsSUGA

The illegitimate meal followed Sugar, touched him and said “lovely” and “my love”.

According to Taiwanese media reports, the Bombproof Teenagers’Group (BTS) recently held a concert in Nagoya, Japan. When it returned to Korea, it was witnessed that fa

ns feared the cold and tried to get close in their ultra-short hot pants in the hope of gaining the attention of the members of the group. The illegal meals caused criti

cism, and the brokerage company BIGHIT Entertainment also publicized the “follow-up blacklist” in official cafes. In fact, the bullet-pro

of juvenile regiment has been plagued by the illegitimate food problem for a long time, even members of SUGA are angry to pick up the mobile phone to shoot back.

BTS official hard up to publicize the “blacklist of follo

w-up” directly, including many well-known fans station owners, causing a big stir in the fan circle. Some of the

pictures were shared with IG and Twitter. Some fans followed Kim Tae-heng closely at the airport and wrote, “He smells good, he’s tall, he’s handsome even w

hen he grabs his hair.” But Kim Tae-heng’s eyes in the picture were frightened by the sudden approaching of fans.

The bullet-proof juvenile regiment was closely followed by illegitimate meals, and Kim Tae-heng showed a frightened look at the airport.

More fans took pictures of SUGA’s back and wrote, “It’s so cute. I’ve been touching him, and he’s going straight ahead.” Members

of SUGA in Nagoya were so angry that they took out their mobile phones to shoot back, but they could not stop the exaggeration of illegitimate meals.

The other party was happy to stay: “See you next time in Fukuoka.” Behavior and mentality are foolish.

From the images taken from the digged illegitimate meals, it seems that not only at the airport, but also private personal trips, but also th

at they have been tracked for some time. Even members of Tian Zhiguo travel to Japan privately, flights are grasped

by illegitimate meals, but also photographed in first-class cabin, the photographer also said that they want to sell flight information.

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Do as one pleases! Thick eyebrow cut 46 points, 16 boards

January 15 – In a regular season that ends today, the Pelicans beat the Clippers 121-117 away from home.

In this battle, Pelican forward Anthony Davis played 39 minutes, 34 shots 16, 3 points 5 in 2, 12

free throws 12, cut 46 points 16 rebounds 4 assists 3 steals comprehensive data.

This is the 17th time in Anthony Davis’career that he has cut at least 40 points and 15 rebounds in a single game over the past 35 seasons.

Only Shaq-O’Neill (19) had more times than Davis. Since Davis joined the league,

The rest of the players had cut at least 40 points and 15 rebounds six times at most. Davis has cut at lea

st 40 points and 15 rebounds four times this season, while the rest of the players have only five times in total.

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Passengers killed on motorcycles, followed for 48 hours

Master Sun, a citizen of Wuhan, took a ride in the “Motorcycle” at the door of his home. Unexpectedly, the driver of the “Motorcycle” t

ook him to the “Huangquan Road” and drove away. Jianghan District traffic brigade police video tracking for 48 hours, the driver will eventually be caught.

At about 7:20 a.m. on January 10, 2019, Master Sun, a citizen living near Lijinan Road, was going to the People’s Paradise. As soon as he was out of the house, he met Li Mou, a motorist driver, who was soliciting busine

ss. Master Sun sat sideways in the back seat, Li Mou drove right along Lijinan Road into Zhongshan Avenue and sped along the motor lane.

At 7:25, when “Modified” approached the intersection of Manchun Street on Zhongshan Aven

ue, Master Sun suddenly fell heavily from the back seat. Because of the fast speed of the vehicle, under the action of inertia, Master Sun fell to the ground and skidded a long distance before stopping, u

nconscious on the spot. Ms. Yang, who was rushing to work, saw the scene and shouted, “Stop! Parking! People fell down! People fell down!”

Ms. Yang flew to Master Sun and was ready to pick him up. Li Mou found that the passengers also slowed down after they fell off the bu

s. He turned his head and went back to Master Sun. He tried to hold Master Sun together with Ms. Yang, but failed several times. Just when Ms. Yang called the police, an unexpected scene happened.

Li Mou actually rode an electric bicycle and “slipped away”, leaving Ms. Yang and Master Sun, who could not afford to fall down, at the scene.

After the traffic brigade of Jianghan District received the alarm call, the police and ambulances were arranged to rush to the scene immediately, Master Sun was rushed to the Fir

st Hospital of Wuhan for medical treatment, and the “chase-and-run” procedure was immediately initiated, a special class was set up to catch the “motorist” who had escaped.

Soon, news came from the hospital that Master Sun died of ineffective rescue. According to the information provided by Ms. Yang and the

people around the accident site, Fu Zhiquan and Zhu Lumin of the Accident Handling Squadron roughly determined the basic features of Li Mou’s clothing,

appearance, accent, and the color and style of his electric car. Subsequently, the police continuously collected video surveillance data around Li Mou’s driving route at that time, while investigating and

visiting the masses, while watching video analysis, and locked the search scope of vehicles near a residential area of Anle Lane in Qiaokou District.